Microsoft Massacre

The misery of Windows 8.
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No, this Company was not next on  the List,   but it was all over our local News yesterday, so needed to be addressed now.

Let the bloodbath begin at the place that helped launch a brilliant, innovative group of ” kids ” and their start-up Corporation into the upper stratosphere.

Their new company called Microsoft, would soon devour the Planet and become much of the reason that all of us are able to use a personal computer today.

Since Bill Gates left in 2000 and turned Microsoft over to Ballmer, nothing has been the same.

On a very personal note, may I say how much I HATE Windows 8?

It is a disaster for me and I so do miss any and all of it predecessors.

If our laptops had not all been stolen while we were on vacation last Fall, we would never have, or at least not for years, been forced to suffer this OS misery.

CEO Steve Ballmer handed the reigns to Satya Nadella just a few months ago and a positive turnaround for the Company has already begun.

So, now with this newest strategy, is the Company in better shape?

Microsoft has been fairly flat since 2008 and something drastic really did need to be done and fast.

Fancy, expensive phones have nearly been the death knell for PC’s,  which are mothers milk for Microsoft, so they bought Nokia hoping to change their negative slide,  but that did not happen.

Apple and Google made quite sure of that.

They are the reigning champions in that market and like to stay there.

Natya released a Company wide memo recently with his plan laid out.

The gist of it is, that the 18,000 fired, will primarily be from the Nokia brand they recently purchased.

This deep cut amounts to about 40 % of that company.

To be fair, the Company was troubled when they got it and now ridding themselves of it, may according to some Business analysts, make Microsoft leaner and meaner.

Sadly for the thousands who will soon be out of work, they may have a hard road ahead, trying to feed their families, or pay their bills, even though they will receive a generous departure package.

It has been said by some, that Natya’s sudden radical purging, was most likely just cleaning up Ballmer’s mess.

Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, 18,000 employees will be getting the axe, in this unparalleled Microsoft massacre.


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6 thoughts on “Microsoft Massacre

  1. The only thing that I can add to this would be that we Mice (older computer users) still need a Mouse on a computer, so bring back the Wi-Fi mouse, when we lost the computers we also lost the mouse.

    • I have a tablet (Android thankfully) but without a mouse it will never mean more to me than a toy. My serious day-to-day computer work is carried out on a Windows XP machine with three monitors (I would need a fan-fold multi-screen tablet to even think about approaching the productivity of my current set-up.) I use a laptop with Windows 7 on it for the times when XP will not do (which is pretty much never.)

      My wife has a nice little tablet with Windows 8 and it is an insult to anyone who has been using Microsoft operating systems since the DOS days. There is still the familiar windows 7 features buried within Windows 8 but the quest to figure out how to find and use them make the whole exercise feel like some sick video game I never wanted to play.

      Once upon a time people would actually do real, honest to goodness WORK on their PCs but today’s’ devices are built for the sole purpose of consuming social media and I’d wager that is exactly what is happening in offices all around the world. No wonder cost of living can only go up…

      When I think of recent decisions made by Microsoft Corp. I am compelled to offer the following comment:
      Smooth Move Ex-Lax 😐

      • Yes, absolutely agree with your feelings about Microsoft.
        Our hearts were broken when our 3 Vaio laptops were stolen last Fall in Indianapolis, they all had Windows 7.
        Windows 8 is a completely inferior product in our opinion!

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